I have worked professionally as a media producer since 2010. My early years were spent helping as a Production Assistant with the Weber State University Creative Services Department.  I then had the unique opportunity to work with SkyWest Airlines as a Multimedia Developer.  I now have the privilege to work with Skywalker Trampolines as a member of their marketing team and as their Video Production & Multimedia Specialist.


I began offering side work and freelancing in 2015, and (for lack of a better name) Colby Mellies Productions was born!  Founded on the premise of helping out the "little guys," I offer professional services and content to those on a budget or without the technical know-how.  I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals and capturing their most special memories.


When I am not working my time is spent with my loving family in our home in beautiful Brigham City, Utah.  I enjoy cooking any chance I get, battling weeds in my garden, geeking out over the latest games & tech, and when time permits maybe a DIY project here and there.